Home of IV Horse, Harrington & Willoughby,Tumequex, Caravan 

Magic and AU Gold - amazing brands developed right here in the UK




Home of IV Horse, Harrington & Willoughby,Tumequex, Caravan 

Magic and AU Gold - amazing brands developed right here in the UK

From campsite owners to caravan cleaners


Caravan Magic! Keeping caravans and motorhomes sparkling and clean with a swish and a swoosh and little bit of magic. 

 Designed and manufactured in the UK we pride ourselves in the results of our awesome caravan cleaner. Whether you are taking your beloved camper our of winter storage or just fancy giving your caravan quick spruce up, we have Wash Wizard and Crud Buster at your service. 

Those annoying black streaks under your windows...a quick spray with the Black Streak Remover and bam! Clean as a whistle! 

Carpets and soft furnishings looking tired? Clean and revive with Carpet and Upholstery cleaner. 

Not allowed to wash your caravan? In the middle of a hose pipe ban? Our stunning Waterless Wondershine is just the job. Completely scratch safe too. Just use our magic microfibre cloths and the results speak for themselves. 

Modern manufacturing techniques, traditional values

With inspiration from the Northamptonshire-based traditional boot makers of the same name, the  Harrington and Willoughby range of equestrian and country footwear is a fusion of modern manufacturing techniques, traditional values, style and comfort. 

The moulded polymer sole units feature advanced polymer construction to eliminate the need for flexibility reducing metal strengthening. This allows the foot to move naturally, whilst retaining good support for the rider. The benefits are boots that are light, comfortable and a joy to wear. Crafted from natural full grain European leathers, the collection is designed with comfort and classic style in mind.

Tall boots feature built sole units for strength, flex and longevity, 360 degree non slip sole for grip on the ground or in the stirrup and luxury latex footbed for support and sumptious comfort. Available in a choice of styles, leg lengths and calf widths from junior to Adult.

Short boots feature the same genuine full grain European leathers, with modern polymer moulded sole units and luxury latex foot bed for superb style, sumptious comfort and grip.

developed in the uk with years of experience


 IV Horse, pronounced 'Four' or 'For' Horse, manufacture and supply an extensive and comprehensive range of quality products for horse and rider, as well as pets. Many product are unique and exclusive to us! 

 Products are created with care and attention from the finest ingredients to the highest standards, by our highly skilled and specialist IV Horse workforce. Products are designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, utilising the latest technology and design ideas whilst responding to feedback from our customers. 

 The IV Horse range offers a Grooming and Maintenance group of over 50 products available for horse, rider and tack. Our team of experts carefully craft the range using a high concentration of only the finest ingredients and natural additives.

Our Showing Essentials provide both horse and rider with equipment and accessories to look the part in the show ring, including ties, stocks, custom-colour velvet browbands and matching extras.

 Bags, covers and more accessories are available in our Stable Sundries range, as well as our high quality long-lasting haynets, made from the same durable net as used by North Sea fishermen. 

AU Gold


A revolution in healing

  •  AuGold promotes healing of minor injuries, skin growths and other skin disorders caused by virus, infection or injury.  

Safe and simple

 Our gel and liquid formulations are safe and can be used around the eyes and sensitive areas without discomfort. We recommend continued use over several weeks for best results.  

Our customers

 Customer feedback has shown AuGold to be super effective in the treatment of sarcoids.    

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