A revolution in healing

AuGold promotes healing of minor injuries, skin growths and other skin disorders caused by virus, infection or injury. 

Safe and simple

Our gel and liquid formulations are safe and can be used around the eyes and sensitive areas without discomfort. We recommend continued use over several weeks for best results. 

Our customers

Customer feedback has shown AuGold to be super effective in the treatment of sarcoids.   

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About AuGold

Augold is a revolution in natural healing, assisting the bodies ability to mend and recover from many ailments. Our customers have reported great success with many skin and other conditions including equine sarcoids. 

Available as a gel or a liquid and simple to apply topically, customers have reported that when the product is applied regularly, results are amazing, even vets have commented on the speed and ability of our customers animals in making improvements. 

For more information, contact us. And for even more testimonials, check out our Facebook page for yourself. Many customers all over the world have used and reported great success. 


Legal Disclaimer

We do not claim this product to be anything other than a natural assistant to the bodies ability to heal itself. 



  • Assists with natural healing
  • Works wonders with sarcoids
  • Natural soothing qualities
  • Available as a liquid or a gel
  • Safe, chemical free & cruelty free