Dermologic Tea Tree Body Mist 500ml spray


Tea Tree Body Mist- designed for spray treatment of grazes, small cuts, bites, irritations and general coat and skin problems including rain scald and especially for treating any large areas requiring attention.
The active ingredients are Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera & Chamomile.

Tea Tree oil can help cure viral, fungal and bacterial infections, helps reduce scurf, can help reduce cicatrisantic healing (scar tissue formation) and because of its oily nature, the effects are long lasting.

Aloe Vera is a useful addition for products designed for application to minor wounds, burns and problems associated with flaky skin and skin areas suffering from sunburn. Its oily nature acts as a protective barrier to help balance the skin moisture content, acting as a protective layer, with high anti-oxidant & nutritional properties.

Chamomile, as a key ingredient to Tea Tree Body Mist, helps with inflammation, muscle spasms, minor ulcers and minor wounds. Useful with conditions such as rain scald.
500ml liquid trigger spray.

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Contains Tea Tree oil, Chamomile and Aloe Vera.
Helps with minor skin conditions
Easy to apply spray minimises irritation to sensitive skin

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